Zoom&Buscapé (ecommerce)  | 2021
My Role

Product Designer

  • Interviews w/ stakeholders
  • Usability Testing
  • Project Planning (w/ PM)
  • Benchmark
  • Userflows
  • Wireframes
  • User Interface


Zoom&Buscapé is a content and sales origination platform for e-commerce in Brazil, with partners such as Amazon and other major players in the Brazilian market. In addition to helping the user to compare prices and decide on the best purchase, the company felt the need to act on customer loyalty. In this context, cashback emerged.

The challenge was to help Zoom offer a more complete journey (search>compare>buy) and reinforce its position as a friend of the user to increase loyalty, considering an extremely competitive market with players such as Meliuz, Inter, Mercado Pago and other loyalty products and digital wallets.

How might we increase Zoom&Buscapé user loyalty?


Know the stakeholders expectations, user needs and the market


Design the main cashback flows and other ways to generate loyalty

The Approach

03_Test | Iteration

By testing the main flows, iterate the feature

04_Development | Metrics

Approval with stakeholders, handoff for devs and define metrics w/ PM


Interviews with stakeholders to map expectations and business needs

Since I was new in the company and we were working remotely on the most important subject for the company, it was important to understand stakeholders expectations and guarantee everybody was on the same page.

After the kick off meeting, the PM and I worked on a script to interview them. We wanted to understand their main pains, and opportunities for the company in their point of view.

Regarding to stakeholders, we learned that:

  • cashback was mandatory because of IPO, but other solutions for loyalty were welcome too
  • allow to accumulate cashback was an opportunity for the company to offer a complete journey: Personal Shopper | Compare price + earn cashback
  • redeem cashback focused on buyback. Allow withdrawal
  • expected results as increase retention, acquisition cost reduction, increase logged users and improved data capture and user behavior

Research to understand users behaviors

After a qualitative survey by a research institute, we learned that users prefer to purchase from online stores that offer cashback. Despite not being a decision maker for the purchase (such as shipping and product price), they see value as an added benefit.

According to the Google Report on Black Friday 2020, there was an increase in the search for cashback in Brazil.

Desk research: competitive analysis and user feedbacks

Benchmark showed characteristics of the players.

With desk research, we captured the main complaints from users about other market players to identify the experience gaps. We did the research on App Store | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Reclame Aqui | Twitter.

We found information regarding:

  • balance
  • cancellation
  • usability
  • customer service
  • credit card

Designing cashback user’s journey

We also mapped the AS-IS USER JOURNEY, considering how he discovers the app, understands the service, searches/compares products, purchases them etc. Based on that, we could understand how to insert the cashback during the whole user experience, not as a separate feature.   
The team (Product Director, PM, UI and I) decided to start this step by designing the HAPPY PATH of a user with cashback using the app of Zoom&Buscapé.
03_Test | Iteration

Usability testing to evaluate the product with Zoom App users

We tested:

  • how to earn and redeem cashback

  • the wallet: balance screen, different balance status, details of the purchase, other areas of the wallet (“How it works?”, “Do you have any questions?”)

We discovered that:

  • users don’t start their journey by loggin in. If they don’t have a chance to log in later, they may lose their chance to earn cashback
  • there was one last chance for the user to log in before being directed to purchase. The intercept popup was useful to guarantee the customer’s cashback and they seemed not bothered by the interruption in the flow by the warning
04_Development | Metrics

Metrics with PM

With the PM, we thought about how to measure the app experience according to the main business objectives:

Increase registration – measure number of registrations
Increase revenue from logged users  – measure number of logged users
Loyalty – measure GMV

Many other metrics were implemented. 



Registration increase


Revenue increase from logged in users


GMV (waiting for numbers)